African Orphans - Whose Responsibility Are They?

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There are millions of orphans in Africa due to the wars, HIV/AIDS, malaria, natural disasters. Poverty and HIV/AIDS pandemic are the leading cause of the increase in African orphans. The children are often left without parents and with no food to eat because of these problems. There is a great need for food supply to feed them mostly because they run a greater risk of being malnourished and stunted than children who are well taken care of i.e. living in happy homes with both parents still alive and giving them love and protection.

There are a large number of African orphans who are as little as five years and live alone or with their younger siblings or on the streets. The only hope for the children is finding them shelter at orphanages or being adopted by families in other countries. Many orphanages provide the opportunity to these sponsoring families to host African orphans by either proving donations or adopting them into their homes.

To put it bluntly, African orphans are in great need of shelter and clothing. Most of those living in rural areas live in such impoverished situations even the inheritance left behind by death parents become a health hazard i.e. the dilapidated houses and ragged clothes. These orphans need a better roof over their head just to survive from the cold and rain. Forget about the play stations and Nintendos - a handful of porridge, a roof over their heads and something to cover their skin with is all they need.

So as much as the African community is responsible for these children it is only human to lend a helping hand no matter where you are - whether in developing or developed countries. Some say Africans mess up and hope to get help from others, well, a lot can be said on this matter and while debating about that, hundreds of thousands of innocent souls may die without even knowing the reason why.

There are over 48 million orphans in sub-Saharan Africa alone; UNICEF states that 12 million of these orphans have lost at least one parent to HIV/AIDS. That means that by 2010 AIDS orphans will make up 15 to 20 percent of the population in some African countries. This shows that if nothing is done about the HIV/AIDS pandemic many children in Africa will be without parents.

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So who is responsible for their well being? I say it's anyone who is blessed enough to lend a helping hand.

Take a pick at the lives of the African children at

This is a website about AIDS orphans in Swaziland.

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African Orphans - Whose Responsibility Are They?

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This article was published on 2010/04/04